Wide range of gift card ideas for all types of peopleScrip is a easy and very useful way to support Hampton Lutheran School. Also called “Fund Raising in a Shopping Cart,” supporters of HLS can purchase gift cards and most of the proceeds go to help families with tuition costs and help fund our scholarship program! To learn more and sign up to purchase gift cards click here. The enrollment code for Hampton Lutheran School is: 768883FC9199

Scrip is a program that allows you to purchase gift cards for businesses that you already patronize. That business give HLS a percent of the gift card you spend at their store. (Example: You purchase and spend a $50 Aurora Mall gift card and Aurora Mall gives HLS $2.50)

We keep various cards on hand at the school like Aurora Mall, Super Foods, Wal-Mart, Subway, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, and Main St. Salon. You can purchase cards to many other businesses by ordering them. We place orders every first and third Monday. There are two ways to order SCRIP:

  1. By placing and order through the school office
    • Call the school to place an order and bring a check to the school office.
    • Make checks payable to HLS and put SCRIP in the memo line.
  2. Online
    • Go to and click “CREATE ACCOUNT.”
    • Follow the four simple steps and click “I ACCEPT.”
    • Enter “768883FC9199″ which is the enrollment code and click “Join.”
    • You may pay by using Presto Pay. Presto Pay come directly out of you checking or savings account.
    • Write a check to HLS and put SCRIP in the memo line.
    • We apologize but they do not accept credit cards.
    • You also have the option to download the Scrip App and download and store your gift cards on your mobile device.