Hampton Lutheran School Rules for Opening in COVID-19 Pandemic

Hampton Lutheran School will follow these rules during the 2020-2021 school year in order to keep our school families and teachers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will adhere to these rules as carefully as we can and ask for your patience and prayer as we work together to keep your children safe and learning.

This policy is subject to change as conditions warrant a change.

Rules for Opening in COVID-19 Pandemic

1.Temperatures will be taken twice daily, in the morning on arrival and at lunch for: 

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Other children
  • Parents
  • Aides and other adults

Temperatures must be below 100.4 degrees to remain at school. Temperatures will be recorded in Google Sheets: 

2. All adults entering the building must wear masks.

  • Teachers and staff members must wear masks.
  • Parents will be discouraged from entering the building in the morning with their child. 
  • Delivery people must have a mask to enter the building. When possible,  staff will meet delivery people outside the building for signatures and deliveries. 
  • People will be limited in and out of the building.

3. All children entering school must wear masks.

  • Masks must be worn in the hallways and public areas of the school.
  • Masks do not need to be worn outside.
  • Masks do not need to be worn when there is quiet time or work time at individual desks.
  • Masks must be worn for group activities in the classroom when there is movement or interactions with other students or the staff.
  • Teachers will provide designated “mask breaks” throughout the day.

4. All adults entering the building must sign a self-evaluation waiver. Parents can complete the self-evaluation via this Google Form: https://forms.gle/h66YQ1QMgneCvxwE9

5. Supplies will be spaced out and not shared.

  • Desks will be spaced out within the classroom.
  • Children will use their own supplies brought from home.
  • Children will be assigned one Chromebook and one iPad. They will not share.

6. Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be emphasized.

  • The school nurse will do handwashing training with the students at the beginning of the year.
  • Students will wash hands at the beginning of the day before going to their lockers. (Students report directly to their classrooms in the morning to wash.)
  • Children will wash hands after recess or being outside; before lunch; after coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose; before and after library time, and at the end of the day before going home.

7. Cleaning and sanitizing will be emphasized.

  • Janitors are responsible for the majority of the cleaning.
  • Bathrooms and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized every day using products according to the directions listed for most effectiveness.
  • Bathroom stools must be sanitized between each use.
  • Lids need to be closed on toilets before flushing.
  • Janitors will wear masks and gloves for protection when touching surfaces or using harsh chemicals.
  • Children can help sanitize with Clorox wipes at the end of the day. Children must wear protective disposable gloves. They will clean:
    • Desks and chairs
    • Electronics

8. Library books

  • Children will wash hands before and after handling books.
  • Returned library books will be stored for one week before they are reshelved.

9. Group singing

  • Must be held outside or be suspended
  • Chapel may be held with masks and distancing

10. Communal water is off limits.

  • Paper cups will not be available from the sink area.
  • The water fountain in the hallway will be disconnected.
  • Children may fill water bottles from home. The bottles must be taken home each night emptied, washed, and refilled.

11. Children will be spaced out in line for lunch and recess with cones or tape at six-foot intervals.

  • Access to the kitchen is restricted to Deb

12. If a child is sick, they must stay home. If a parent has COVID-19 symptoms, the child must stay home.

13. Older and high-risk aides and volunteers must wear a mask in the building. HLS will strongly encourage these individuals to work from home or in an isolated area.

COVID-19 Quarantine Procedures

1. If a child or staff member has symptoms and is tested for COVID-19, they must stay home until they receive the test results.

2. If a child or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the school will be closed for deep cleaning. School will be closed at the direction of the health department and local medical professionals. The school is responsible for notifying families and proper authorities. Online classes will be held for those two weeks. If no new cases are reported, normal classroom activities can resume.

3. If a parent or family member of a student or staff member tests positive or has symptoms, the child or staff member cannot come to school for two weeks. The child or staff member may return if the family member tests negative. The sick child/adult may come back to school two weeks from the onset of symptoms or the date of the positive test or with a doctor’s permission.

4. If a second person tests positive during this period (in any class), Hampton Lutheran will close the school building until further notice and transition to online learning. The board and staff should meet during this time to discuss reopening, understanding the need to make sure everyone feels safe.

5. A case within the community will be evaluated depending on the circumstances. Shared classes with Hampton Public School, like band, will be discussed with administrators from both schools.

6. During any quarantine period, virtual classes will commence. Teachers will be responsible for delivering learning materials to their students.

7. Extra subs will be available through the ESU 9 in Hastings.