Classroom Policies

The inerrant Word of God is at the heart of the educational curriculum at Hampton Lutheran. Everything is taught in light of God’s Word. The subjects taught are the same as in the public school, but they are taught from a Christian viewpoint. There is a regular religion period which is a requirement for all students; however instruction in God’s Word and faith development are not limited to a class period but are integrated into the entire day. The curriculum areas are reviewed on a five-year cycle. Changes are determined by administrator and faculty after careful study to review.


Since the faith development of your child is the most importance goal of our school, we encourage students and their families to attend church services regularly.

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord today.” Psalm 122:1.

St. Peter’s and Zion’s worship begin at 10 AM with Sunday School at 9 AM.

In accordance with the laws of the State of Nebraska, which mandates 400 hours for kindergarten and 1032 hours for grades 1-6, all pupils are held to regular and punctual attendance. If your child is to be absent, please call the school between 7:45-8:15 AM.


Chapel is held weekly, usually on Wednesday, at St. Peter Church at 8:30 AM. Parents are invited to join us at any time. Offerings are taken each week and are used to support various mission projects.