Our final week of the HLS summer reading program is all about the stories, YOUR stories. If you have been with us all summer you should have written quite a few different types of stories by now. This week is all about being an author, and that is exactly what we all are!

Story Time!

Read Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran.

Roxaboxen sounds like what my brothers and cousins and I did out in the woods by my grandpa’s lake. We had a great adventure creating our world and telling stories as we played. That play time out in the woods is where one of my first stories started.


Read Weslandia by Paul Fleischman. Weslandia is an amazing place. I would love to visit!

This week we are going to build our own city or world, just like the kids who created Roxaboxen or like Wes as he created Weslandia. There are so many ways you can create your own place. You can draw pictures and maps of the places from your story or your imagination. You could use blocks or LEGOs to build your world. You could use twigs and sticks or paper and craft supplies. Fill your world with details. Think of all of the things that Wes knew about his own world.

When you are finished, share pictures of your world with me. I would love to go on an adventure through the worlds of your imagination.

I would love to hear all of your stories. Share them in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #HLSSummerReading.

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