Imagine Your Story: Mystery! July 6

This week in the HLS summer reading program, we are going to look at a new type of story. This week is Mystery Week. In a mystery story, you are often following along with the main character trying to figure out the mystery with them. When writing this type of story you want to keep secrets and slowly let the readers discover things along the way.

Story Time!

Read The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson. See if you can solve the mystery before the end of the story.

Writing Time!

This week we are going to be working on writing a mystery. Are you going to write a detective story? Maybe something is missing or lost and your main character will find clues to discover the location of the missing item. Remember as you are writing that you don’t want to give away all of the information at the beginning. You want your readers to try to figure it out along the way.

When you are finished with your story, send them to Mrs. Montoya or post it here as a comment.

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