Imagine Your Story: Comics! June 29

This week in the HLS summer reading program, we are going to explore comics and superheroes. I know the students in my classroom love reading this type of book. I often saw comics on their desks. Let’s look at some more of these stories!

Story Time!

Read Princess in Training by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Joe Berger. Think about how this book could be considered a comic.

Writing Time!

This week we are going to watch videos by Dave McDonald. He will help us to learn more about making our own comics. I will add one new video each day for us to watch. But if you want to watch some more of the awesome videos he has made, check out his YouTube channel.

Let’s start by watching Dave McDonald’s video “Simple Shapes Make Super Characters!”

We are going to write our own comics this week. Think about the story you might want to tell and the characters that you will use. To help you get started, here is a site that has blank comic panels that you can print and use for your story.

Share your summer reading program activities and stories with us! Post a photo in the comments below or share them on social media with the hashtag #HLSSummerReading.

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