Imagine Your Story: Science Fiction! June 26

This week in the HLS summer reading program, we are exploring science fiction stories!

Story Time!

Read The Mission to Cataria by Travis Bossard and Mick Szydlowski.

You can read more of the Stories from Space here at the Story Time from Space Directory. There are lots of videos of books about space!

Writing Time!

Today, let’s share the science fiction and choose your own adventure stories we’ve been writing this week!

Here is a choose your own adventure story that Ella and I wrote on Google Slides called “Sam in Space.” Check out Sam’s adventures in space: Click present, and watch the slides on full screen. When the slide asks you to make a choice, click on your answer, and you’ll be taken to the next page of this choose your own adventure story!

Share your own stories or pictures so we can see what science fiction adventures you have been having this week. Post them in the comments below or share them on social media with the hashtag #HLSSummerReading.

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