Imagine Your Story: Science Fiction! June 22

This week in the HLS summer reading program, we are exploring science fiction stories!

Story Time!

Read Mousetronaut by Mark Kelly, read by Scott Kelly from space. Mark and Scott Kelly are twin brothers. They are both astronauts. Scott Kelly spent an entire year in space. It is so cool that Scott is reading his brother’s book while he is in the International Space Station.

Writing Time!

This week for our writing time, try writing a science fiction story.  Imagine a world around a different sun. What kinds of creatures will be on your planet? Ella and I are going to write a choose your own adventure story. This is a story where the reader gets to choose what happens next. We had fun with some of these stories at school. See if you can write your own choose your own adventure story. Or if you would rather write a regular story about your planet and creatures, go ahead. Share your story with us.

Share your story with us! Post your story in the comments below.

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