Imagine Your Story: All About You! June 5

hls summer reading week 1 all about you

Welcome to the HLS summer reading program! Each week we’ll talk about a different type of story through books, writing, and crafts and activities. This week we are exploring personal narratives and family trees.

Story Time!

Activity Time! Time Capsule

A time capsule is a container that holds items from now (the present) that you are going to keep closed up and put away for the future. You can decide if you want to keep your time capsule closed for five or 10 years. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is choose the container you are going to use. This could really be any kind of container. A shoebox or even a plastic tote would work. 
  2. Decorate your time capsule in any way you want. If you are using a clear container, I would suggest covering it so you keep the items inside hidden until you reopen it. Remember to put your name and the date you finished it somewhere on the outside of the container.
  3. Time capsule ideas: You could put current pictures, art projects, writing, a story of something that happened this year, newspaper clippings, or even a note to your future self.
  4. Then put the time capsule away. Decide how long you will wait to open the time capsule. Don’t peek inside until you are supposed to.

Writing Time! Publishing Your Story

We should have a finished personal narrative written by now. Here is where you get to publish your story. Put on a nice cover. Maybe you even want to hand stitch the book together. I know my third and fourth graders have had practice with that.

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2 thoughts on “Imagine Your Story: All About You! June 5”

  1. Here is my personal narrative story!

    “How about this one?” Mom says pointing at a collar that sparkled magically silver, like the moon. Today my mom, my sister, Melinda, and I were searching the pet store for a perfect collar for my little kitty Merlin. I examined the collar Mom was pointing at smiling at how the collar sparked while hanging on the display rack. The silver glitter on the collar just seemed majestic, and the little silver bell made the cutest tinkling sound. The collar was just right for my kitten Merlin. There was on potential problem with the collar, the smallest size appeared to be a bit big for my kitten. I glanced over at my sister to see what she thought, and by the look on her face I could tell we had the same thought in our heads “sparkly.” We both exclaimed “Yes!” and the collar was purchased.
    We had to wait for Dad to come back from work to put the collar on Merlin, and the afternoon seemed to drag on. I was so excited when Dad finally got home and we finished supper. I watched Dad sneak behind Merlin and clip the collar on quickly. Merlin absolutely hated it and immediately started screeching and hissing. He sprinted across the room then threw himself against the wall like a maniac trying to break out of the asylum. He kept on wailing and screeching like the collar was a torture device while biting and clawing at the collar desperately trying to free himself. With a final screech, he crashed into the wall then rolled underneath the pink rocking chair sitting in the living room.
    Merlin strolled out from under the chair. He glanced in our direction and bolted down the hallway heading for Melinda’s and my room. It took me a second to realize the collar was no longer on my cat.
    By the time Merlin made a break down the hall, I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face, my stomach hurt, and it was hard to breath without laughing. I could hear my family laughing along with me, and it felt like we laughed for years. An executive order was made that day “From this day forth, Merlin the cat never had to wear a collar again.

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