HLS Summer Reading Program “Imagine Your Story” Goes Digital

hls summer reading program imagine your story

Our HLS summer reading program is going digital this summer, with a blog and videos starting June 1. Our program is for all children Pre-K through sixth grade from any school. Come listen to a story and do some fun crafts and activities led by Mrs. Montoya each week!

The library at Hampton Lutheran School will not be open. If we are able to bring students into the building at some point over the summer, we will open the library and have a set time for our activities. For now, Mrs. Montoya is holding the program digitally through videos and blog posts.

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Imagine Your Story with the HLS Summer Reading Program

This year’s HLS summer reading program is titled “Imagine Your Story.” Mrs Montoya is using some ideas from the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s Children Program for the activities and theme. Together, we will explore various types of stories through reading and writing, including:

  • Personal narratives and family trees
  • Tall tales and myths
  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Action and superheroes
  • Mystery and detectives
  • Theater and scripts
  • Poems and songs
  • Twisted tales

Mrs. Montoya will publish all of the book read alouds, craft projects, and writing prompts here on our site. She will post a new activity in the morning for kids to do at home, and the activities will involve materials and objects that families typically have in their home. She also plans to post two to three read aloud videos each week so kids can read books along with her over the summer.

Want a sneak peek at the Week 1 activities in the HLS summer reading program? Here’s what Mrs. Montoya is planning:

In Week 1, we are exploring the personal narrative and family tree. We will look at several types of family trees, and kids will make their own family tree. We will have an “artifact” scavenger hunt, where kids can look around their own home or talk to a grandparent to find things such as birth certificates, newspaper clippings about a relative, wedding pictures, pictures of parents as children, parents’ old school projects, yearbooks, quilts, or things relatives have made. Mrs. Montoya will demonstrate how to make picture magnets, and kids will write personal narratives.

Mrs. Montoya has other crafts and activities planned for future weeks of the summer reading program, including scavenger hunts, Mad Libs, puzzles, a tall tale writing contest, creating a labyrinth, making dragon eggs, designing alien creatures or worlds, making a comic, and other fun craft and science activities.

Download the craft supply list below so your family can participate in our craft activities this summer!

Imagine Your Story Through Writing

As part of our summer reading program at Hampton Lutheran School, we will practice our writing and encourage kids to create new writing projects and finish up their existing stories. Join us virtually (and hopefully in person at some point) to work on the writing projects. We’ll talk about our writing via blog posts and video, and later in the summer, we may host Zoom sessions with third through sixth grade students to share and talk about their writing.

The writing will follow along with our weekly activities. The writing activities include:

  • Personal narratives and family tree: Mrs. Montoya wrote about her grandpa as an example. Kids will each pick a story from their life that they want to write about.
  • Tall tales and myths: Mrs. Montoya wrote about how a zebra got its stripes, and kids will write a tall tale or myth and share their stories (which will be posted to the blog!).
  • Fantasy: We will use Story Cubes as our writing prompt. 
  • Science fiction: We are going to write choose your own adventures based on a world or aliens that we create.
  • Action and superheroes: Write a superhero comic.
  • Mystery and detectives: Write a mystery story.
  • Theater and scripts: Write a play or puppet show.
  • Poems and songs: We will write poems or songs. Kids can use the instruments we make to play along with their song if they like.
  • Twisted tales: We’ll take the story of Cinderella and make our own different or twisted version of that story.

Imagine Your Story and STEAM Projects

We will set up some STEAM projects that your child can do at home and share joys and discoveries with us. We will send home a list of items needed to work on these projects so you have time to gather or save them before we work on each project.

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