Tuesday, April 14 is the last day to receive sales, which means we’re in the home stretch for the HLS plant sale! 

Despite the unusual circumstances we’ve faced this plant sale season, our $20,000 goal is still attainable, but we’re going to need every possible order to hit that. Please, if you’ve reached out to somebody, and they’ve said they’re going to order online, and you haven’t gotten a text from Jessica saying the order has come through, send a reminder letting the customer know they need to get their order in by 8:30 AM on Tuesday, April 14.

All orders—electronic and hardcopy—are due by 8:30 AM on April 14. If you have physical orders to turn in, please drop them off in Jessica’s mailbox anytime between now and Monday evening OR you can turn them in at the school between 8:15 and 8:30 AM this coming Tuesday.

Find all the info about the 2020 HLS plant sale here

We also ask that you return your plant sale catalogs. (As you may know, these are a hot commodity, and sometimes Janet uses them more than one year, so it would be nice to retain as many copies as possible for next year.) There will be two boxes at the entrance of the school on Tuesday morning: one for plant sale orders and a second for turning in your sales folders and catalogs. If you can’t make it on Tuesday morning, there will be a box for the folders and catalogs set on the table in the foyer at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Monday through Saturday of this upcoming week.

Plant Sale 2020 Week 4 Results

Total Sales to Date: $12,387!

We had 14 sellers this week who qualified for Snack Shack. Snack and drink winners (over three orders or over $75 in sales) for week four are Tatum B., Braden B., Wyatt D., Cole Eberle, Kenley F., Lofton F., Trevin H., Atleigh K., Zari R., Aydenn S., Sophie S., Ethan S., Reis S., and Alexis T. One student, Chaz B., earned his choice of snack or drink for bringing in over $50 in sales.

Top Seller Week 4: Atleigh K.

We had 10 students who sold over $200 this week, four who sold over $300, three who sold over $750, and who that sold over $900! Atleigh K. took top prize selling just under $1,000! Awesome!

Total Selling Classroom Week 4: First and Second Grade

The back and forth battle between Ms. Pope’s class and Mrs. Carnoali’s class for top selling classroom honors continued this week, but it was the first and second graders who came out on top by selling over $350 worth of plants per student—AMAZING!! 

Praise God that in the midst of all the uncertainty, we still have people willing to support this fundraiser. It’s been encouraging to see how many people value and look forward to our plant sale!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Jessica Ferguson, Angie Stump or Jenni Klute, the plant sale coordinators.

Here are 5 ways to support HLS’s plant sale!