Please drop off any plant sale orders you’ve collected this week in Jessica’s mailbox at 1202 S V Road any time this Sunday.

If you or your customers are printing off order forms from, please be aware that these forms do not contain gift card information or the date and location of the sale information. Instead, please download and print this form, which has all of the information:

If you need extra catalogs or QR code cards, please let Jessica know. We have a handful of extra catalogs and lots of QR code cards.

Find all the info about the 2020 HLS plant sale here

Finally, please keep collecting boxes! If you’re in Walmart, fill the bottom of your cart with canned good boxes that are sitting on the shelves if fruit flats are not available. If we end up having to deliver plants to customers, we’re going to need a lot of boxes! 

And now for the fun stuff…

Plant Sale 2020 Week 3 Results

Total Sales to Date: $7,166

We had 11 sellers this week who qualified for Snack Shack. Snack and drink winners (over three orders or over $75 in sales) include Wyatt D., Cole E., Kenley F., Lofton F., Atleigh Klute, Raya R., Sophie S., and Jack T. Three students (Porter D., Trevin H., and Garrett K.) earned the choice of snack or drink for bringing in over $50 in sales.

Top Seller Week 3: Lofton F.

We had five students who sold over $200 this week, four who sold over $250, three who sold over $350, and one who sold over $500. Great job to all!! 

Total Selling Classroom Week 3: Fifth and Sixth Grade

Mrs. Carnoali’s fifth and sixth graders dominated the classroom contest this week by selling over $200 worth of plants per student! They’re ON FIRE!

Thanks everyone for continuing to sell through this unprecedented situation. Your efforts mean so much to our school!

Here are 5 ways to support HLS’s plant sale!