Plant Sale 2020 Week 2 Results

You’ve probably had customers ask how we’re going to handle plane sale pickup this year. Our prayer is that we’ll be in the clear by that time, and our plant sale will proceed as normal. If we’re still being advised to practice social distancing, we will do one of two things (or possibly a combination of these two things):

1) Plants will be delivered to the purchasers’ homes, and sellers will be responsible for delivering to people they’ve sold to.

2) Pickup will be staged, allowing a handful of purchasers to pick up plants during a specified time slot.

We will be waiting until we have a better understanding of how the sale will proceed before we start asking for volunteers to work during the setup and the sale. With that said—if you can—please keep your schedule open for May 5 and/or May 6, as we will need many people’s help during those days.

With the school being closed for the rest of the semester, the collection of plant sale order forms will look a little bit different. Please return any order forms (with payment!) that you currently have to the school on Thursday, March 26. Going forward, we will likely set a day and time when forms will need to be turned in at Jessica’s house (located just a couple of miles outside of Hampton at 1202 South V Road).

Need more order forms? Download the PDF here.

And, of course, you can always encourage people to order online through Janet’s Jungle.

Plant Sale 2020 Week 2 Results

Total Sales to Date: $3,583

We had seven sellers this week who earned Snack Shack. Those who qualified for a snack and drink (by selling three or more orders or selling over $75 in sales) included Wyatt D., Cole E., Kenley F., Lofton F., Trevin H., and Atleigh K. One student, Aydenn S., earned the choice of snack or drink for bringing in over $50 in sales.

Top Seller Week 2: Kenley F.

Kenley sold over $500 to snag top seller honors.

Total Selling Classroom Week 2: First and Second Grade 

Ms. Pope’s classroom averaged over $143 in sales per student. Great job, first and second graders!

Plant Sale Presales Continue!

Please continue to reach out to customers! Get creative—have your child make phone calls or drop a note in the mail to previous customers. Presales continue through Tuesday, April 14 at 8:30 AM. We’re off to a great start but have a long way to go in order to meet our $20,000 goal!

If you have any questions, please contact the plant sale coordinators, Jessica Ferguson, Angie Stump, or Jenni Klute.