classroom news prek and kindergarten

Welcome to the April 2020 edition of Classroom News! Each month during the school year, a teacher at HLS will share what’s going on in her classroom to highlight neat projects and activities students are doing. This month, let’s see what Mrs. Stutzman’s PreK and kindergarten class has been learning about this semester.

This semester has really started off great! In order for Mrs. Stutzman to have full time with prekindergarten in the afternoons, the kindergarten class would spend time with the first and second graders during their normal Specials time, and they got to sit in on their science class’s fun activities.

In February, PreK and kindergarten had a small Valentine’s Day celebration and got to decorate their own cookie for snack. PreK then had some Valentine-themed centers planned.

In the beginning of March, kindergarten through sixth grade got to spend the day at the Hastings Museum. We had a full day getting to be paleontologists, learning about the sea creatures that once roamed Nebraska and diving into the history of Kool-Aid.

March has also been exciting because we got to be a host for chicken eggs! After the first week, we lost about half of the eggs. Some of them never had a chick growing, and some of them just gave up. We were able to chart their growth up until day 13 when school was closed.

With the concerns and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to go online with our students using Zoom. Kindergarten has really adapted well, and we are enjoying getting to still see and interact with each other every day. Although PreK is no longer in session for the remainder of the year, Mrs. Stutzman is sending printable resources via email for the families to work on at home.