As we prepare to move online, here is some of the information you will need to know. The process is still evolving, so thank you for your patience as we venture forward.

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Class Schedule for Online Learning

Beginning Tuesday, March 17, the online schedule is as follows on Zoom:
Kindergarten 8:00–8:55 AM
1st grade 9:00–9:55 AM
2nd grade 10:00–10:55 AM
3rd grade 11:00–11:55 AM
4th grade 1:00–1:55 PM
5th grade 2:00–2:55 PM
6th grade 3:00–3:55 PM

We will be online at least through Friday, March 27. We will re-evaluate at that point. The Fridays that we were to have off are now “school days.” We will meet on March 20 and March 26–27 even though those days were originally taken off.

Daily schedules for fifth and sixth grade will be found on

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Using Zoom

We will be opening a test session of Zoom tonight at 7 PM to see if everyone can get on and will do audio and video checks. A login link will be posted as a Remind late this afternoon.

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that allows two-way interaction between the teachers and the students. It is easy to use, but that doesn’t mean we won’t find glitches along the way. Again, please be patient with us.

Structuring Your Child’s Day With Online Learning

Apart from Zoom, it is important to create a structure for your children. Set up a quiet designated work area for your child. Write out a schedule to follow during the day. Aside from assigned homework, plan extra activities, either digitally with apps like Duolingo and, or without electronics. Get your children involved in the science of the kitchen. Do some of the experiments in the science books.

Above all, set aside a part of each day for reading. Read books together. Fifth and sixth grade will have a novel unit for which they will be responsible. Discuss and come up with a creative project to do with the literature.

Kids will still be responsible for spelling and vocabulary words. Memory will be up to the individual teacher. She will let you know what she wants you to do.


Our goal is to create an online community for HLS. Use the hashtag #HLSOnlineLearning on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share photos of fun things you are doing at home.