7 Creative Writing Apps for Kids

creative writing apps for kids

creative writing apps for kids

Got a creative child on your hands? In today’s world, their creativity isn’t just limited to pen and paper. There are so many neat apps kids can use to create and tell their stories in new and exciting ways. Check out these creative writing apps for kids that will inspire their story, help them write it out, design a book, and share and publish their story with their friends and family.

1. Visual Writing Prompts

Sometimes it takes a spark of inspiration to get started on a writing project. The Visual Writing Prompts website has several creative writing prompts sure to inspire a story and get your kid writing—simply let your kid pick a photo, read the writing prompt, and encourage them to write a story about it.

One of the writing prompts from Visual Writing Prompts
One of the writing prompts from Visual Writing Prompts

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2. Google Docs and Google Slides

Google Docs and Google Slides are fantastic apps and websites that older kids can use to collaborate on writing projects with their friends and classmates. Google Docs and Google Slides sync automatically online, meaning your kid and their friends can all add to a story at the same time. 

Or your child can just write their own story using Google Docs—the document is backed up automatically online, so they’ll never lose their writing if the computer or iPad crashes. It’s easy for kids to edit their own work on Google Docs, and they can see past drafts of their story in the document’s history. Google Docs is perfect for a longer story your kid is working on, like a NaNoWriMo project. When your kid is finished writing their story, they can download it as a PDF or Word document, or print it and share their work with friends.

3. Haiku

The Haiku app helps kids learn about this popular Japanese form of poetry, which has three lines with five, seven, and five syllables. The app allows kids to brainstorm word ideas, then write the poem and make sure it fits the form correctly. Kids can pick a background and design for their haiku and share it with the world.

4. Diamante

The Diamante app helps kids create diamond-shaped diamante poems, which use adjectives, nouns, and gerunds to describe either one central topic or two opposing topics, like cats, or cats versus dogs. The app helps kids format the diamante poem correctly with nouns on the first and last lines, adjectives on the second and fourth lines, and gerunds in the third and fifth lines. (As your kid creates their poem, they’ll also learn about the parts of speech!) Once your child has written their poem, they can share the image file and print it off.

diamante poem app

5. Book Creator

Kids can use Book Creator to create digital books and share their stories and poems. The app lets kids combine text, images, video, and even audio so they can experience what it feels like to publish their writing.

6. Shadow Puppet Edu

Shadow Puppet Edu is a neat app that helps a child bring their story to life by creating custom videos, slideshows, and presentations. Kids can use photos and videos for their creation, add music and narration, and write text overlaying those visual elements to create a unique story. When your kid’s masterpiece is finished, they can export it as a video and easily share it with friends and family.

7. RWT Stapleless Book

The RWT Stapleless Book app lets kids easily create an eight-page book simply by folding and cutting—no tape or staples required. The app offers various layout and design options so kids can get creative and make a book that suits their story. This is a great option for younger writers who have written a little book and want to share it with the world!

Sample layout of a book in the Stapleless Books app
Sample layout of a book in the Stapleless Books app

Now, Write!

Encourage your kids to use these apps and more to express themselves through writing and share their stories and thoughts. And after they’ve written that story or poem, help your kid share their creation with friends, teachers, and family members!


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