Welcome to the PreK and kindergarten class with Mrs. Stutzman! We have two kindergarteners and seven prekindergarteners this year. Everyone is having so much fun getting to know each other.

This year is a little bit different than last. Last year, preschool was separated from kindergarten and had their own classroom down in the basement at St. Peter. This year, we have combined the two classes. Kindergarten is full time five days a week, while PreK is only half days on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons.


For a portion of the afternoon, kindergarten is away at their special (PE, art, or music) while PreK has beginning routine with Mrs. Stutzman. For the rest of the afternoon, the classes are together.

We have religion together along with their snack. We have a short science lesson and then break out into our learning centers.

Our centers include alphabet practice with our letter of the week, numbers, and science activities. Prekindergarten has specifically been working on proper pencil grip and tracing to practice writing skills. Kindergarten is nearing the end of NaNoWriMo with the rest of the school.