Winter Weather Gear Checklist

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With snow last week and temperatures dipping into the 20s next week, it’s time to prepare for the cold weather in Nebraska. We’ve created a winter weather gear checklist to make sure your kid has the right winter outfit when it’s cold outside.

During cold weather, we often hold recess and PE time outdoors, so kids need winter clothing to be able to participate. Plus, the right winter gear will keep your child warm and toasty on the ride into school each morning.

At Hampton Lutheran, kids are required to wear coats to school and at recess when the temperature outside is under 50 degrees. When there’s snow or slush on the ground, kids must wear snow boots or overshoes. Beyond coats and boots, we encourage kids to bring mittens or gloves and hats and scarves to school.

When it’s under 50 degrees, use this checklist to double-check that your child has the proper winter weather gear to ward off the wind and cold.

This checklist is especially useful for older kids who might be more independent in preparing what they bring to school but don’t always remember to bring hats, gloves, and such. Encourage independence and personal responsibility by printing out a copy of this checklist and asking them to check off each item before they leave for school on cold days.

winter weather gear checklist

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