6 Halloween Costume Ideas for Elementary Students

children in costumes with text: 6 halloween costume ideas for elementary students
children in costumes with text: 6 halloween costume ideas for elementary students

Stuck when it comes to costume ideas for your kid this Halloween? Deciding on a costume doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some ideas for the perfect costume for your child.

1. Book characters

Brainstorm ideas of your kid’s favorite book characters. Classic books like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia offer a wide variety of characters to choose from. Or think of favorite chapter books like The Little House on the Prairie, The Wizard of Oz, or Roald Dahl books. You can usually gather the pieces for such costumes from your own closets, a thrift shop, or Walmart.

For little ones, turn to your kid’s favorite picture books. Kids might enjoy dressing up as the mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or the cat in The Cat in the Hat. Or grab some of your kid’s favorite stuffed animals from the Hundred Acre Woods, dress your child in a yellow shirt and blue shorts, and you’ll have a miniature Christopher Robin.

The best part about a book character costume? Your kid gets to tell everyone about one of their favorite books!

Or let your child bring their own stories to life by helping them dress up as a character they’re writing about for NaNoWriMo. Dressing up as their own character is unique and helps them visualize the person they create a story about during November.

2. Bible characters

The Bible is full of wonderful characters to choose from—pull out a kid’s Bible and start flipping through it, or ask your kid which biblical figures have stood out from recent Sunday school or religion classes. Picking a biblical character to dress up as gives you a chance to explore a Bible story with your kid. And when people ask who your child is dressed up as, they have a chance to share a Bible story.

Biblical costumes can be pretty simple—for many characters, all you’ll need is some sheets, towels, a rope belt, and sandals. The key to pulling it off is the perfect prop, like a tablet with the Ten Commandments (Moses), a baby doll (Mary), or a slingshot and stone (David).

3. Inanimate objects

Look around your house with your kid for some costume inspiration and brainstorm ways to transform inanimate objects into cute homemade costumes. Grab lots of pompoms and create a gumball machine costume, or find a trash can and let your kid just be a trash can (bonus: lots of space to put candy!). Make a paper torch and a crown and find a bluish-green dress for a Statue of Liberty costume.

Purple balloons can quickly become a grape costume, and a piece of cardboard and some construction paper can be fashioned into a pizza slice. Tape several Smarties candies to a pair of pants, and you’ll have a “smartypants” on your hands.

4. Star athletes

If your kid is a sports fan, you may already have everything you need for a star athlete costume in your house. A jersey of a favorite athlete or favorite team (go Big Red!) can be a slam dunk for a quick and easy costume. Pair the jersey with the appropriate footwear, shorts or pants, and possibly a hat, then grab a baseball mitt, football, basketball, or whatever sporty prop your kid needs to look the part.

5. Superheroes

If your kid is into superheroes, you’ll have plenty of official Marvel and DC costumes to choose from (available in most stores or online), or you can craft your own costumes for Captain America, Batman, and the like.

Or your kid can invent their own superpower and make up a costume to go with it. Let your kid’s imagination run wild!

6. Princesses

Halloween is the perfect time to get all dolled up as a princess. Disney princess costumes are often available at stores like Target and Walmart or online. Or you can make your own princess costume. A dress in the right color (yellow for Belle, blue for Cinderella, and pink for Aurora) topped with tulle (grab some at Walmart or a fabric store) paired with sparkly shoes and a crown can do the trick.

No matter what costume idea you land on, make sure the costume is warm. It can get cold out there at Trunk or Treat, so think through layers that can be added to your kid’s costume if it’s chilly outside.

What are some of your favorite Halloween costume ideas for elementary students? Share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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