5 Ways to Prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences

5 ways to prepare for parent-teacher conferences
5 ways to prepare for parent-teacher conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are an essential part of parent-teacher communication. At HLS, these conferences are scheduled at the end of the first and third quarters, but parents are encouraged to visit the school at any time or to ask to meet with a teacher as needed.

Openly talking about ideas and concerns is key to successful parent-teacher conferences, and it helps establish and maintain strong relationships between parents and teachers. And a strong relationship between parents and teachers helps students be more engaged in their education and be more successful at school.

5 Ways to Prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Do some prep work so you’re able to address any concerns and have a productive conversation with your child’s teacher. Here are five ways to prepare for parent-teacher conferences:

1. Check in with your kid.

Ask your child how they feel about school, about their teacher and class, and about their classwork. Give them the space to be honest; say that you want to know how they’re really feeling. Help your child understand that you and the teacher are working together to help them grow and learn academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

2. Review graded classwork.

Review recent graded homework, quizzes, and tests your child brings home to see what they’re doing well and what they’re struggling with. If you notice a pattern of a concept or subject that your child is struggling with, bring it up with the teacher in the conference and ask how to get your child extra support. If your child is acing quizzes and assignments or says that they’re bored in class, consider asking your child’s teacher if there’s a way to challenge your child intellectually beyond the usual classwork.

3. Write out questions.

Once you’ve checked in with your kid and reviewed recent classwork, write down any questions for the teacher or conversation topics so you don’t forget them once you’re in the meeting. 

4. Pray. 

Approach the parent-teacher conference with prayer. Ask God to guide the conversations and the decisions that are made. Remember that each child is loved so deeply by our Father.

As teachers prepare for the conferences, we talk about how we can make the conferences Christ-centered. Each teacher will start the conference with a devotion or a prayer. That’s what it’s all about.

5. Be prepared to listen.

Parents and teachers work together to educate a child. Hearing your thoughts helps the teacher understand your child’s needs, and hearing the teacher’s feedback on your child’s behavior and progress in school is also important. If you’re unsure how to help your child grow and develop in a particular area of school or life, ask the teacher if they have any ideas or can suggest resources for you.

Taking notes is a part of active listening. You may want to bring a pen and paper to take notes while you talk with your child’s teacher to help you remember what you talked about. When the next parent-teacher conference rolls around, you can refer back to your notes from the last conference and see how your child has progressed.

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