In this HLS in the Community post, we’re highlighting our prayer partners program, which builds relationships between students and community members through prayer and fellowship.

Kindergarteners and new students to HLS are paired with an adult prayer partner, who is a trusted member of the community. This partner stays the same all the way through the grades. Hampton Lutheran actively includes students in prayer partner activities until they graduate from eighth grade.

Hampton Lutheran also sponsors children from Zion and St. Peter who aren’t students at HLS and connects them with a prayer partner.

During the year, partners pray for each other and send cards and letters for birthdays and holidays.

Every October and February, we invite our prayer partners to attend chapel with us. The adults meet at the school or at St. Peter at 8:30 AM. The children sit with their partners for a worship time. After chapel, students and partners gather in the parish hall for a short activity and one-on-one prayer time—and food! Our February party coincides with Valentine’s Day, so students and prayer partners exchange valentines.

The prayer partners are trusted members of the community—often older members of Zion and St. Peter congregations. Sometimes they are the age of students’ parents, and we even have a few young people who serve as prayer partners. The program encourages intergenerational connections, providing a model to pass on the faith from generation to generation.

It is incredible to see the relationship grow between students and their prayer partners belonging to different generations. Even after students graduate from HLS and go to middle school, the bonds are forged. Praying for each other provides an amazing connection. The adult prayer partner gets to connect with a younger person and also with the school as a whole.

The next prayer partner chapel is Oct. 30 at 8:30 AM.

If you would like to become a prayer partner, or if you would like HLS to match your child with a prayer partner, please contact the school office.