October Classroom News: Third and Fourth Grade

This year in third and fourth grade we started out by walking across the drawbridge of our castle-themed classroom, and we’ve been busy ever since.

third and fourth graders enjoy the surprise classroom makeover

One of our first projects was to design our coat of arms. We started out by getting it down on paper. Once we had the paper version finished, we moved on to cutting it out of felt. The final coat of arms was then made into a banner. We now have all of our banners hanging around our classroom. The students did a great job on this project!

During tech time, we started out using the KEVA blocks. We built some very interesting structures.

We also worked with our team to follow directions and build according to blueprints. We learned that it was not always easy to explain to our team what we needed them to do. But we found ways to give them details and got our structures built. 

We also had a tallest tower contest!

We have now moved on to work with Scratch during tech time. We love being coders! We started by making a program using the letters of our names. Everyone had great ideas of how to make their letters move across the screen. One of our favorite things to do with Scratch is to explore with sounds.

We have already gone on two field trips this year. We went to the Aurora fairgrounds and learned about many different parts of the agriculture industry. We also went to Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival and met and listened to several authors and illustrators. This is always a fun day. Ms. Montoya bought a new poetry book. Alan Katz wrote some funny poems. We can’t wait to read more of them in school.

We have also been writing some of our own poems. We had our first Poetry Tea Time in September. We turned down the lights, sat in our “Great Hall,” and shared some poems with each other.

Here are a couple of the poems that we have written so far.

We will be writing poems all year and adding them to our poetry books that we started. We will also have more Poetry Tea Times during the year. We will be able to share some of the poems that we have written and poems we like that are written by someone else.

The artist we have been learning about so far this year is Vincent van Gogh. We have finished one van Gogh project and are currently working on another. Here is a sample of our work and a sneak peek of the project we are working on right now. To see more, come check out the hallway.

We have also been busy learning math and reading and history and science! We have done our first science report of the year. Each of the students picked a topic from the chapter that we were studying to research and share with the class. They did a great job!

That’s a bit of what we have done so far this school year. So many more wonderful things to learn and do.

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