third and fourth graders enjoy the surprise classroom makeover
Third and fourth graders on the first day of school!

On the first day of school, Mrs. Montoya surprised her third and fourth grade students with a classroom makeover. When students saw the classroom at the open house a week before school, the classroom had normal classroom decorations. But when the kids walked into the classroom on Aug. 14, it was anything but a normal classroom.

Let’s let Mrs. Montoya tell us all about her surprise classroom makeover:

This year’s summer reading program theme is once again one of my very favorite things: castles. My two favorite loves are space (I wanted to be an astronaut) and castles—I went to Wales to explore the castles and places I have loved reading about my whole life.

So after working with the kids this summer on all of our castle-themed projects for the summer reading program and STEAM camp, it was easy to guess what I was going to do in my classroom. Last year my classroom theme was space, and this year would be castles. Then I started searching the internet. I found so many amazing ideas. I knew I wanted to bring some of them into the classroom this fall.

Kids at the Dragons and Castles summer reading program made shields this summer!

I could have just had all of the decorations up and ready for open house on Aug. 8. But I noticed the kids were checking out the classrooms over the summer. They were trying to sneak a peek and find out what was going to be new or different. It was then I decided I wanted my classroom decoration to be a secret. I would set the room up like I normally would—just an average classroom.

But when third and fourth grade students walked in the first day of school, they found that the classroom had been transformed! I wanted my classroom to not only have a castle or medieval theme—I wanted it to look like and FEEL like a castle. I started cutting and painting cardboard to be the stones of the walls. On the first day of school, the desks were arranged as if they were a table in the Great Hall.

For at least the first couple of days, we have a drawbridge to cross to get into the classroom.

We are going to design and make our own heraldic shields. These will be hung in the classroom. I will have feathers attached to pencils, so students will feel like they are using quills when they write. There will be tapestries and banners and paper torches on the walls.

I have several more surprises in store for the students this year, but they will have to wait a while for some of them.[0]=68.ARDoQeT0Rl5Mf2ToZsUVLbbGO7bozpRD2hagX68M-grdU3Ft9Cu6TaR0IRg_qB_XlhQStC6_swtsuoqLbH1ZkkIxTL0BxLRxzsbVG0jPm46PymWp-recm-ksubBP0oz8RqIFapmiuAlcHFfF54M62VBfKAs9_s8C_XBt8b6CiVjGijGWwIhrtlAsiG5rOcqzwcrXYlhbh9RcF-PJdeNMpTLX_IVTbETRUJpDK0VWZOVLilQguTAYkR-E_dcxIN5DUY2-NDUZKQJkj6CvVfwOMbzMX1bpof6u2PAjQdeD2hi6JYU_IFm7kYm9UT1w-8DuHovb0bvKy59m3jYsq-q5&__tn__=-R