Teachers Share Their Classroom Themes and Decorations for the 2019–2020 School Year

image of classroom with Welcome banner and text overlaid: teachers share classroom themes and decorations

It’s back to school time! Whether it’s on open house night or on the first day of school, it’s exciting for you and your child to see how their classroom is decorated. After all, your child will be spending a lot of time there throughout the school year.

Teachers put a lot of heart and thought into their classroom themes and decorations. Here’s how the teachers at Hampton Lutheran decorated their classrooms for the 2019–2020 school year—and why!


Prekindergarten and kindergarten: Mrs. Stutzman

Mrs. Stutzman’s classroom features a calendar area, brightly labeled supply bins, and classroom rules like “Use your manners” and “Raise your hand.” She also puts signs around the room with numbers, letters, and colors, to help students learn these basic concepts.

First and second grade: Miss Pope

This year, Miss Pope decorated the first and second grade classroom with a Dr. Seuss theme. She loves Dr. Seuss and likes how encouraging and positive he is to readers. Miss Pope also displays inspiring quotes and verses throughout her classroom, which she hopes will inspire her students to read more. Above all, she hopes they feel happy and comfortable in the classroom atmosphere.

Miss Pope likes to do something different every year. Since she usually has students for two years, she likes to change it up so they don’t have the same classroom decorations both years.

The first and second grade classroom includes a reading area, computer area, and calendar area.

The upper grades hallway

In the hallway near the upper grades classrooms, Mrs. C has displayed Spanish posters to add color and help the upper grades remember the Spanish they’ve learned.

Third and fourth grade: Mrs. Montoya

In the third and fourth grade classroom, Mrs. Montoya is continuing the castle and medieval theme from this year’s summer reading program. She is hoping that her students see the room and the decorations and are ready for another adventure this year!

Mrs. Montoya likes to change things up in her classroom and make it an exciting environment for her students and for herself. Two favorite themes she likes coming back to are space and castles.

When she is thinking about potential classroom themes, Mrs. Montoya likes to look at VBS themes because there are always great things to decorate with and they are focused on God. She also likes to have posters that encourage reading and give helpful tips.

It was all a ruse! Mrs. Montoya surprised her students with a classroom makeover on the first day of school. See the full-fledged castled-themed classroom photos here.

Fifth and sixth grade classroom: Mrs. Carnoali

In the fifth and sixth grade classroom, Mrs. Carnoali has one bulletin board that she uses to showcase the school year theme (this year’s is Joy:Fully Following Jesus) and another functional board that she uses for incentive charts and general information. Whatever decorations she chooses tend to serve an educational purpose. Functional posters include books of the Bible or math concepts that the kids can use.

Mrs. C’s classroom themes and decorations have changed somewhat over the years. In her first years of teaching, her husband, Eddie, made her bulletin boards, and those got really stylized! Mrs. C says that Eddie is a pretty good artist and he put his own twist on things. The back of her resource bookcase is still painted with funny faces!

Mrs. C usually only changes the main bulletin board at semester. She remembers changing bulletin boards every month to fit the season. She doesn’t do that so much now—if she takes a little more time on it to begin with and makes it eye-catching and productive, then it’s worth leaving up the bulletin board a little longer.

And once school gets started, the final decorating will be done as Mrs. C displays her students’ work around the classroom.

One of the main focal points in the fifth and sixth grade classroom is the library section. With the library being such a prominent part of the class, Mrs. C hope that her students will see the importance of learning and literature. Seeing her students develop a love of reading is one of her joys of teaching.

Mrs. C also has a music corner and her God’s World current events door. This year, she is going to make a reading wall that highlights the books her kids read.

She hopes that her students find her classroom a welcoming place where their ideas are encouraged and listened to, and that they feel that the room belongs to them.

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