How to Prep Your Prekindergartener for Their First Day of School

prep your prekindergartener
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The first day of school is an exciting time for prekindergarteners and parents! But it can be hard for prekindergarteners to adjust to going to school for the first time.

Young kids may not be used to a set routine. At home, their daily schedule may be a little more flexible than a classroom routine.

Some students like to test the waters to see what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior at school. And some students may be learning all new things that haven’t been introduced to them yet, and it can be challenging to pick up those new skills right away at school. 

It can be just as tough for parents to adjust to their kids going to school, especially with your first child. Seeing your little ones grow up and be away from the home can be emotionally hard. And as a parent, it may be tough to balance busy work schedules with school drop off/pick up, activities, and meetings.

6 Ways to Prep Your Prekindergartener for the Big Day

The first day of prekindergarten, Sept. 3, is a little less than a month away. You can help your child get ready for prekindergarten in several ways:

1. Involve them in back-to-school shopping

Have your kid go back-to-school shopping with you. Let them pick out a special backpack and some of their own school supplies. This will help them get excited to go to school and use their special new items.

Print out the prekindergarten school supply list here!

2. Read or watch stories about school

Read a book out loud to your kid about school, or watch videos about kids going to school. Help your child understand that school is a safe, fun, and exciting place where they will get to learn new things.

3. Get a school routine in place

A couple weeks before school starts, get a routine going if there isn’t one in place already. Make sure your child is going to bed at a decent hour for their age and eating healthy meals throughout the day. Going to school for the first time can exhaust kids, so having these routines in place will help them adjust better.

4. Review social skills

A great way to prep your prekindergartener for school is to go over basic social skills with them. Start talking about what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior in school. Talk about positive and negative consequences for our actions and how your child’s actions affect the kids around them.

5. Fill out the summer packet

Complete the summer packet Mrs. Stutzman sent out and develop a sense of background knowledge of what kids will be learning at school. The packet is full of key skills prekindergartener will be focusing on this year.

6. Meet Mrs. Stutzman!

Mrs. Stutzman will be doing home visits with all of the prekindergarteners before Sept. 3. If you wish to come in to the school sooner to observe the classroom or visit, feel free! If you call to set it up, Mrs. Stutzman will make sure to have a fun activity planned for your child.

After the First Day

After the first day of school, there’s still a lot you can do to help your child get the most out of their education.

Make sure your child’s school work doesn’t stay at school. It is very important in a child’s development that they practice key skills, such as reading and math, at home to ensure growth by the end of the year. It’s also important to keep it going throughout the summer when school is over. This is especially challenging because kids at this age are starting up with peewee soccer, T-ball, and other activities, but making time to review the skills your child is learning at prekindergarten will help them grow and develop.

Thank you to Mrs. Stutzman for sharing her insights for the blog post!

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