What Teachers Actually Do During the Summer: Miss Gocke

what teachers actually do in the summer

Kids often don’t think about what their teachers are doing over the summer, and parents might not know, either. Even though school is out, teachers are hard at work over the summer, too: They’re working on summer programs, developing new curriculum and activities for the next school year, working on professional development, and more!

We asked Miss Gocke what she will be doing over the summer. Here’s what she said:

This summer, I will be looking for lots of inspiration as I am transitioning from a kindergarten teacher to pre-K and kindergarten teacher. I will be searching for ways I can incorporate different classroom management techniques to both grade levels, as well as routines, centers, and subjects.

I will also be changing my name from Miss Gocke to Mrs. Stutzman! From now until the very last minute, I will be getting ready for my wedding in June. Afterward, we plan to take a trip to Colorado, Tennessee, or South Carolina for a few days. On top of my own wedding, I will be attending three other weddings (and I’m in one).

I will also be working the Naber’s Produce stand in York, so come stop by! We have yummy tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn, and more.

In August, I am planning on going to Sturgis, South Dakota, with my new husband and a few friends.

Most of my summer will be dedicated to starting a new life with my husband and playing with my dog, Arthos!

Share this blog post with your kids! They’ll enjoy learning more about what their teachers are working on over the summer break.

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