Kids often don’t think about what their teachers are doing over the summer, and parents might not know, either. Even though school is out, teachers are hard at work over the summer, too: They’re working on summer programs, developing new curriculum and activities for the next school year, working on professional development, and more!

We asked Mrs. Carnoali what she will be doing over the summer. Here’s what she said:

Mrs. C and her students watching grasshoppers hatch in December 2018.

Well, summer is officially here! I have several goals over the summer. This week, though, I am taking a week to go see my sister in North Carolina. It has been almost two years since we have been together, and I am really looking forward to seeing her. I have never been to North Carolina and am looking forward to seeing what it is all about. We plan to do a little gardening, sit in the sun and drink tea, and all those other very difficult things to do!

I am looking forward to Miss Gocke’s wedding in June!

We are planning a family trip out to Colorado to see our son and his wife, Johnathon and Krysten, in July. I am looking forward to that as I have never been to Colorado Springs before! It has been a while since we have seen them.

As far as school goes, summer is still busy. The teachers have already spent some time putting the yearbook together for 2018–2019. It is almost ready to go, and that will be ordered in the next few weeks. There are government reports to fill out and submit and the school lunch program paperwork to get ready for next year.

After our reaccreditation in May, we now begin to work to meet the goals we set during the process. There will be some planning involved in that. I hope to do a little grant writing this summer, too.

The teachers have all turned in a list of curriculum that needs to be ordered for next school year as well as a classroom inventory that will need to be updated. Next year’s supplies are starting to show up from our coop order already!

Then there is the general cleaning and sorting that happens in the classroom every year. There are always closets, file cabinets, and cupboards to go through. Sometimes there is painting. This year, we will be moving the preschool from the basement of St. Peter back to Miss Gocke’s (soon to be Mrs. Stutzman’s) classroom. While we are at it, we are going to take a few days to organize the puppet and musical room in St. Peter. Jessica F. has been working on a grant to get some shelving so that we can actually know and find what is in all of the boxes.

I will be helping Mrs. Montoya with the summer reading program and STEAM camp this summer, which will be held Wednesday mornings from June 12 to July 24.

Outside of school, I will be helping with VBS again this year from June 24–28. It will be hosted by St. Peter Lutheran Church but held at Zion’s campus.

Time is short! We better hurry to enjoy the summer while it lasts!