“Down by the Creek Bank” Is a Musical Kids Won’t Soon Forget

Hampton Lutheran School presented the musical “Down by the Creek Bank” May 15-16 at the Hampton City Auditorium. This was the 25th year anniversary of this classic musical.

HLS first performed “Down by the Creek Bank” in 1997. At that time, it was performed at the churches on a Sunday morning with just one or two cutout cardboard trees! The songs and story, however, are timeless.

Mrs. Carnoali was at HLS when it was performed in the 1990s, and Mrs. Montoya did it at Zion, Worms, when she was young. It is the only musical where 25-plus years later, Mrs. Montoya and Mrs. Carnoali both still remember all the songs!

This particular music is geared toward the younger children rather than the older kids, but sixth graders still had the bigger parts in the performance.

In “Down by the Creek Bank,” a group of children are having a picnic down by the creek. During the course of the day, they discover the wonder and beauty of God’s creation. They also understand that they themselves are a marvelous creation made in God’s image. As a result, the children respond to God’s care and love for them by asking the question, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

The musical is full of scriptural principles that kids learn as they memorize the play and the songs. “Down by the Creek Bank” explores God’s creation of the world and of us, and it shows kids that we live a life that models Jesus because of what he has done for us. For instance, the song “I Am Adopted” emphasizes who we are as the sons and daughters of the King.

“It is amazing how the children responded to the music and how they used it to share Jesus with others.”

—Jean Carnoali, administrator and fifth and sixth grade teacher

The musical was held at the Hampton Auditorium, so the community was invited to attend. Students enjoyed witnessing their faith and sharing the Gospel with the community through the performance.

The musical will serve as a firm foundation for children as they grow and mature in their faith. The songs from “Down by the Creek Bank” will stick with students for a long time. We pray that even after the musical has been performed, the songs and lessons from the story remind kids of their own self-worth and how much they are loved by our “star-breathing” God!

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