5 Ways to Preserve Your Child’s Art

preserve your child's art

preserve your child's art

If you’ve got a child in school, you probably already know how much adorable artwork your child creates—and also how much space it takes up. You want to hold onto as much of it as possible, but you also can’t keep every single thing. Luckily, there’s a few ways to preserve your child’s art without taking up too much space.

1. Create a scrapbook.

If you’ve got some time on your hands and some scrapbooking supplies handy, make a scrapbook of your child’s art. If drawings or paintings are too big to fit in a normal-sized scrapbook, cut out your favorite parts of your kid’s picture—that smiling sun, the funny-looking cat, the purple tree—and paste it onto a page. Be sure to include the date each piece was made.

For giggles, ask your child to describe what the picture is supposed to show and write that down as well. Your child won’t believe it in ten years when you tell her that her drawing of pink squiggles was supposed to be a cow in a field!

2. Serve up some artsy placemats.

Pick out a piece of art and make it into a placemat by laminating it. Once it’s laminated, you can use it as a placemat at your kitchen table. Kids will enjoy seeing their artwork put to good use, and the placemat will be a cute blast from the past in several years.

3. Frame it on your wall.

Pick a few pieces of artwork that you especially love and frame them. You can rotate them throughout the seasons or leave your kid’s art up year-round. Either way, your unique decorations will certainly be conversation starters for guests!

4. Ship it off to Grandma and Grandpa.

You see plenty of your child’s artwork, but your parents and other relatives might not. When it comes time to send a birthday card, thank you, or holiday greeting, pick out one of your child’s drawings or paintings, have your child write a nice message on the back, and send it off to Grandma’s house. Your family will love getting the keepsakes, and you’ll have a lighter stack of art in your house.

5. Send it all to the cloud.

If you need to clear out some space on your fridge or in your filing cabinet, you can preserve your child’s art digitally. It’s easier than ever to just some snap photos of your child’s pictures or even scan each piece in as a PDF with apps like Scanner Pro or Keepy.

Once the artwork is digital, your options are endless. Upload those masterpieces to the cloud, email them to your friends and family, and share them on Facebook. If you want to get creative, use sites like Shutterfly to put together a photo book of your favorite art. It’ll make a great coffee table book!

How do you preserve your child’s art? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook!

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