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5 Sites to Help Your Child Master Keyboarding Skills

Kids practice keyboarding at school, so they don’t need to practice it at home…right? While it may seem like your child gets plenty of practice typing at school, he needs to practice at home, too, if he wants to master the skill. Much like studying for a test, kids learn better if they practice a […]

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7 Neat Educational Apps Your Kid Will Love

When your child picks up your tablet or phone, make sure you’ve downloaded some safe, fun, and educational apps for him to enjoy. Give your child a range of apps and games to select from, from math apps to video production apps to reading apps so she can keep her mind sharp over the summer. […]

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A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety for Kids

When it comes to internet safety, it’s not a matter of if your child will run into inappropriate material, but when. Even though kids take to tech like a duck to water, you can never assume that they know how to be safe about the sites they visit or the information they give out. Kids […]

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Strengthen Your Kid’s Science Skills This Summer in Nebraska

  Fight the summer slump by exploring the world with your kids at fun, science-related places and events in Nebraska! Explore right here in Hamilton County The Edgerton Explorit Center provides a hands-on, creative space for kids to explore and discover at their own speed. The center is a tribute to Dr. Harold Edgerton, who […]

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Introducing STEM: What Is It and Why We Need It

You may have heard of a buzzword in the education community: STEM. Here at Hampton Lutheran School, it’s not just a buzzword; it’s going to help shape our curriculum so we offer students the best education for the world we live in. What is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a […]

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