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Introducing STEM: What Is It and Why We Need It

You may have heard of a buzzword in the education community: STEM. Here at Hampton Lutheran School, it’s not just a buzzword; it’s going to help shape our curriculum so we offer students the best education for the world we live in. What is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a […]

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Sharpen Your Child’s Math Skills in These Day-to-Day Activities

School’s out! Summer’s here. Time for soccer camps, bike rides, summer reading programs, and…math skills? Yes, math. Although it’s fundamental in understanding our world, math can be one of the most frustrating subjects in school. This is true for parents as well, who often have to retrieve rusty skills from their own elementary math classes […]

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Book Recommendations for June by Grade Level

Here’s a fun way to fight the summer slump: read to your child and encourage your child to read on their own. Increasing your child’s vocabulary through guided or independent reading is important in keeping their minds and imaginations sharp, especially over the summer. But what should your child be reading? There are so many […]

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Fight the Summer Slump

We know summer can be chaotic, but between the final 3:30 bell of May and the first early morning alarm of August, kids can lose a lot of the skills they’ve gained over the past school year. So, before you brace yourself against the coming deluge of family reunions, June weddings, summer reading programs, and […]

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