Hamilton County Extension Program Gives Students Hands-On Science Lessons

At Hampton Lutheran, students get hands-on science lessons through the Hamilton County extension program, including gardening and hatching chicken eggs.

The Hamilton County extension program offers after-school enrichment classes to HLS students, together with Hampton Elementary students. The classes are led by our county extension agents in conjunction with the 4-H Club through the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Hillary Fuhrman and Deb Fahrnbruch are the two teachers who most often work with our students.

The classes are usually held on the Wednesday afternoon early out days. In the past we have offered classes on physics, gardening, and plants, and during the 2018–2019 school year, embryology was an in-class project for the upper grades. Students hatched 21 chicks in the fifth and sixth grade classroom. What a joy to witness the children’s excitement at a visible miracle!

The first new arrival! God is so awesome!

Posted by Hampton Lutheran School on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

This year, in collaboration with the public school, the extension program will cover agriculture topics in September. Topics include All About Agriculture, Fast Food Agriculture, Mystery Agriculture, and Plant Detectives.

The Hamilton County extension program gives Hampton Lutheran students a more enriched learning experience by allowing them to concentrate on one particular area over an extended length of time. Most of the classes consist of about six one-hour sessions.

Often the lessons in the extension program correspond to what we learn in our science textbooks. They also coordinate nicely with our Wednesday afternoon STEM classes.

Photos from 4-H & Nebraska Extension in Hamilton Co. on Facebook. Find more photos and information on the 4-H activities at on Facebook.

Science is amazing—it’s all about investigating and exploring the world, not just reading about it. It’s about the love of learning, and it’s also about seeing the miraculously detailed way the world is created. Science is an awesome way to see God at work in the world and in the lives of the children. And these extension program classes help our students learn and grow in extraordinary ways.

These classes are special and go beyond what is taught in an ordinary science class. They would not be available without the extension program. These programs are designed by the University of Nebraska and taught by experts from the extension office.

Hillary and Deb do an awesome job in sharing their specialized knowledge with our students. They both have taken classes on their topics and have researched in their fields. It is wonderful that our students can take advantage of their wisdom. Thank you to Hillary and Deb for what they have done for the children of HLS.

Want your kids to participate in the Hamilton County extension program? HLS will pay the registration fee for any of its students who would like to attend. The program is open to third through sixth graders. Classes will be held at the public school on the following dates:

Sept. 4 from 3:45–4:45 PM
Sept. 11 from 2:15–3:45 PM
Sept. 18 from 3:45–4:45 PM
Sept. 25 from 2:15–3:45 PM

You can register online here.

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