Classroom News: What’s Going On in Fifth and Sixth Grade?

photo of fifth and sixth graders with Mrs. C in front of school on first day. text on image: what's going on in fifth and sixth grade

Welcome to September’s edition of Classroom News! Each month during the school year, a teacher at HLS will share what’s going on in her classroom to highlight neat projects and activities students are doing. This month, let’s see what Mrs. Carnoali has to say about fifth and sixth grade:

We begin with the upper graders, the fifth and sixth graders. We are diving right into the year. The 2019–2020 school year is off and running—for most of the kids, that is. There has already been a nasty bug making its way through the classroom. Watch out for sore throats and fever!

Enjoying literature is a huge part of learning. We started the year off by reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School. This is a fun, entertaining book to start with, and there is a whole line up waiting in the wings.

HLS will be participating in One School, One Book this year. Mrs. Montoya will be in charge of choosing the book we read. The students are choosing their own adventure fiction books for the month of September. After the kids read their book, they will immerse themselves in their first book project, an iMovie trailer.

This week in science, we are concluding a weather unit with a photography contest. We have some wonderful aspiring photographers. The objective of the assignment is to show the effects of the weather in the world around us. Ms. Krysten will be our judge. The pictures are on display in the upper wing hallway.

We will have a culture day on Friday. Each student is bringing an item from another country or culture. The class is excited to see what their friends will bring.

We’ve already done a few art projects. We started the year with pop art. Since we are Joy:Fully Following Jesus, we made shoes! Each shoe is uniquely decorated and displays an appropriate “shoe-ish” Bible verse.

We also made a version of the color wheel. The picture used oil pastels to show opposite colors.

The second week of school, we began our regular scheduled art classes with third through sixth grades together. We are studying a specific artist each month, starting with Vincent Van Gogh. This week we started creating our own versions of Sunflowers. We are not quite done yet, but some of the concepts that we studied include lines and development of space. The kids will use crayons and watercolors to finish the project.

So that’s what’s happening in fifth and sixth grade—plus much more! If you are interested in seeing the inner workings of our classroom, check out our information center at

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