What Teachers Actually Do in the Summer: Miss Pope

what teachers actually do in the summer

Kids often don’t think about what their teachers are doing over the summer, and parents might not know, either. Even though school is out, teachers are hard at work over the summer, too: They’re working on summer programs, developing new curriculum and activities for the next school year, working on professional development, and more!

We asked Miss Pope what she’s doing over the summer. Here’s what she said:

Miss Pope traveling in the mountains!

Summer is nearly half way over, and I have been pretty busy!

I started this summer heading up the East Coast and camping along the way. We made it all the way to Virginia. My favorite state I camped in was North Carolina. It had beautiful camping sites along the beaches! We planned to go to Maine, but we had to come home earlier than planned. Things didn’t slow down from there.

I did the Dizzy Goat trail run this year along with Ms. Emily and Mailie and John Boeder. It was a blast! I can’t wait for next year. I’m always up for a challenge!

I helped with St. Peter and Zion’s VBS for a few days and spent a few days in my classroom preparing for August. It was nice to see a handful of students and catch up a bit!

I took two professional development courses that will help better my teaching career: Thinking and Making with Media in PreK–2 Classrooms
and Using Shared Reading to Teach and Engage All Readers.

I also got my recertification in CPR and first aid, which is always such a blast. I enjoy learning and trying new things in my classroom and everyday life!

This week, I am on the road to the West Coast. We are camping and headed for Redwood National Park. I spent the weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park. I love seeing God’s beautiful creation! I have learned a lot, and I can’t wait to share my adventures and hear about my students’ adventures in August.

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