Meet the Volunteers of HLS

meet the volunteers of HLS

April 7–13 is Volunteer Week. At HLS, we have several volunteers who help in the classrooms, organize fundraisers, drive kids to field trips, and help make the school the best it can be. Let’s meet some of the volunteers of HLS who are committed to helping your child grow spiritually and academically.

Phyllis Schrader

Phyllis has worked with Mrs. Carnoali in fifth and sixth grade for 25 years. She grades papers, does remedial work with the kids, and gives spelling tests—just to name a few ways she helps out! Mrs. Carnoali and Phyllis have worked together for so long, they know exactly how the other thinks and works in the classroom. Phyllis has been a godsend to the classroom. She keeps everybody organized on a busy day.

Phyllis says, “Being a volunteer at HLS is a true blessing in my life. Working with Mrs. Carnoali, a special friend and teacher, is a privilege. Getting to know and love the many students each year brings joy and thanksgiving to me. God’s blessings on HLS today and in the future years.”

Thank you so much for many years with us, Phyllis! You are a blessing!

Diann Jensen

Ms. Diann works with third through sixth grades. She grades papers and works with children, and she also plays the piano for the school choirs.

Here is Ms. Diann’s experience in her own words.

“I think this is the sixth year that I have been at Hampton Lutheran School. Probably one more year; then maybe I will get up at a reasonable time.

“Last January, I became 80 years old! Being 80 isn’t really a big deal—not sleeping more than five hours each night IS a big deal, but that is the story of my life. I would drive to Aydenn’s house at 6:15—then we would play cards or piano until 7:45. We always played games on the way to school, or else Aydenn made up songs on the harmonica. We were never late for school!

“What impressed me most was recess. Every kid had his boots, snow pants, coat, cap, and gloves. Watching 30-plus kids unload their lockers and proceed to get dressed for recess was like some sort of miracle! It actually looked like my house in the winter when my kids were dressing for 0 degrees, rain or snow, and wind. Everyone had to hurry to get outdoors before the time was up.

“At HLS, the children get the message that prayer is very important. Every child knows that the Lord loves them dearly, so if a glove or a boot gets lost, you bow your head and ask the Lord to help! (He does!) If the weather is really too awful, everyone finds a board game, cards, or marbles, and the floor in each classroom is filled with noisy kids.

“As a volunteer, I was the one who a student would ask for help if the teacher was busy. Their math was excruciatingly difficult. Reading needed patience, and there were questions at the end of each page. If I could see a student simply didn’t “get it,” I would go to their desk, and we would discuss the problem. Some students didn’t want to be told they were wrong, and they would listen to me but didn’t speak to me. I knew they didn’t want my input. Most of the students tried very hard to ‘fix’ their errors. From our sessions together, I got a hug and a smile. Oh, I get a lot of hugs! They are the funnest!

“Sometimes I have cheated! I have mouthed the memory Bible verse to a kid who can’t remember the right words. I believe that’s okay—we both needed the little reminder and we both will probably remember it until the day we die!

“I have a prayer partner, as does my husband, Earl. It’s been the same person all these years, but I’m thinking they have grown up. Maybe we need to start over.

“My favorite bunch is the kindergarten group. One kid always greets me with ‘Hi, neighbor!’ Two others laugh and tease me because they both alway beat me to school. They shake their finger at me and say (in their most grown-up voice), “You are just going to have to get up earlier if you want to beat me to school!”

“Many children are aware of my love affair with the piano. Usually they can’t remember my name and identify me by ‘the one who plays to piano!’ Often I hear them tell their parents that I am the piano player!

“It’s all about a strong special attachment to Jesus. It’s what we all have; it serves us well, and we love it. I usually feel it when I walk in the door. It’s another wonderful day!”

Thank you, Diann, for all you do for the school!

Judy Holtzen

Judy works with first and second graders and grades papers. This is her favorite thing to do, and the teachers are glad because grading is not always the favorite task of the teachers! She comes in every Tuesday and sometimes on Wednesday. She also reads to the children and answers any questions they may have.

Judy has been involved with Hampton Lutheran School for many years. Her husband, Harvey, was a principal at Hampton Lutheran from 1970–1983, and Judy has been a vital part of the school since that time.

She enjoys her children and grandchildren, as well as Nebraska baseball! She doesn’t miss many games. Judy volunteers as the principal organist at St. Peter. She also has an alternate persona in the form of Calico the Clown. Judy has been involved in clowning for many years, and we look forward to seeing Calico at school events such as Hearts for Jesus. We thank Judy for all that she does for us. Life would be very dull without her!

Angie Stump

Angie works with the first and second grade grading papers and making copies. She compiles spelling lists and sentences and writes book lists. She organizes spreadsheets and information for whatever Miss Pope needs. She is a tech guru for the support staff!

Angie and her husband, Leland, have three children. She is a busy mom. Emma and Korbin have already graduated from Hampton Lutheran School. Ries is a kindergartner this year. Angie also works at Heritage Bank in Aurora. Thank you, Angie, for all that you do for us. You are amazing!

Mary Carnoali

Miss Mary comes every Friday to teach Spanish to our kindergarten through sixth graders. She puts in a lot of time and effort voluntarily in order to share her special knowledge with our students, and the kids say, “Gracias, Senorita Mary!” Mary currently teaches online English as a Second Language classes to students in China. This is a nighttime job because of the time difference.

Parents and Friends

HLS parents volunteer in so many ways!

We have parents who drive for field trips and chaperone children so that our classes can go as far as Lincoln and Hastings to learn at museums, zoos, and other places.

Theresa Dose and Beth Schulze are in charge of our Hearts for Jesus fundraiser, and there are many other hands involved. Jessica Ferguson, Jenni Klute, and Angie Stump organize our plant sales. Both of these fundraisers are huge jobs!

We also have wonderful friends of HLS who help in the kitchen on special occasions, such as Thanksgiving and National Day of Prayer. Deb says a big thank you for all her helpers, and the kids say, “Yum!”

Each year, individuals give of their time and unique talents to teach our children about a specific topic. This year, Miss Gocke’s mom talked to the children about dental health.

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Learning about teeth today 🤓

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HLS alumna Lora Edelman came to visit with the third through sixth grade about their teeth.

Maile Boeder and The Leadership Center cooking crew share their baking skills with the first and second graders.

Parents send their children to HLS because of the commitment they have to quality Christian education, and each volunteer who commits their time to HLS does so because they see the importance of training our children to follow Jesus. We wouldn’t be able to operate the school without the hard work and time these parents and volunteers dedicate to HLS.

Say thank you to an HLS volunteer this week when you see them at school!

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