What HLS Teachers Learned at the NETA 2019 Conference

On March 26, HLS teachers went to school!

Teachers attended the Nebraska Educational Technology Association conference, an event the HLS teachers were eagerly anticipating. The NETA 2019 conference was held Wednesday, March 27 through Friday, March 29 at the CHI Health Center Omaha.

The teachers came away from the conference full of ideas and motivated to move forward and create better learning experiences for HLS students.

NETA 2019 Conference Sessions

People presented amazing ideas at NETA 2019 and sparked ideas for HLS teachers to try in their classrooms.

On Thursday, keynote speaker Kayla Delzer gave a presentation called “Reimagining Education: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders.” (She also presented this topic as a TEDx Talk!) Delzer is a third-grade teacher from Mapleton, North Dakota, and is the 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year. Her mission is to revitalize relationships, learning, and the classroom environment by giving students ownership of the learning and making it relevant to them. She works with her classroom to make sure that her children are connected to the global community.

Some of the teachers attended a STEM camp sponsored by Discovery Education. Groups collaborated to make satellites, create an irrigation system, and discover the best design for building a car powered by wind energy. The teachers also met new friends along the way.

Another session was “Google Tools for the Struggling Student.” In this session, Eric Curts showed many Google extensions—such as tools for speech to text or text to speech—that change readability levels for online articles, making reading more accessible for some students.

Apps Teachers Loved From NETA 2019

At NETA 2019, teachers learned about new apps and new ways to use apps that are already familiar to the HLS classrooms. Here are some of our teachers’ favorites apps from the conference. Parents, you may want to try some of these at home!


ThingLink is a new format of presentation learning. Children can choose a background, embed video and written information, and record themselves speaking to create a presentation. ThingLink allows kids to develop digital literacy and explore new, innovative ways to create content, whether for school or for fun.


PicCollage is an old, familiar app, but it can be used in new ways. Think outside the box and use it as a platform for organizing vocabulary words or other information. For example, our students recently used PicCollage to document their Principal of the Day experiences!

Book Creator

Book Creator is a very cool way to publish original student work. Kids can add images, video, audio, and text to create digital books and reports, which they can share with their fellow classmates, family, and friends. The app can be used on iPad or Chromebooks.

Paper by FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree is for the artists among us. This app provides an online canvas to release creativity. Kids can draw, paint, sketch, type, or make collages with photos on Paper.


A world of webcams opens up a whole new global community on Explore.org. Let your kids explore an African watering hole or an arctic tundra where polar bears roam, or watch sharks swimming and bald eagles hatching.

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