5 Sites to Help Your Child Master Keyboarding Skills

keyboarding skills

Kids practice keyboarding at school, so they don’t need to practice it at home…right?

While it may seem like your child gets plenty of practice typing at school, he needs to practice at home, too, if he wants to master the skill. Much like studying for a test, kids learn better if they practice a little each day rather than just cramming in all the practice once a week.

At HLS, first and second grade students practice the basics of hand positioning and the home row keys. Students in third through sixth grade use a typing program for 50 minutes each week as part of Hampton Lutheran’s computer programming curriculum. Our students also practice typing with writing projects using Google Docs.

But the more your child practices her typing, the more automatic it will be and the faster her fingers will fly. So if you want to help your child master typing quicker, encourage her to practice her typing skills at home on these websites.


KeySeeker is great site for younger children who are just learning the alphabet and learning to type at the same time. It asks children to type one letter at a time and encourages kids to use the right and left hands for their respectives sides of the keyboard. Plus, the game includes fun graphics of items that start with the letter that kids type, reinforcing the alphabet learning. If you want to maximize your child’s learning, sit next to him and talk about each letter and its corresponding item to engage both typing and reading skills.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing walks beginners through the basics of touch typing finger positions and typing sequences of letters. It shows kids where each of their fingers should be on the keyboard and teaches typing through repeating the same keystrokes over and over again. The British accent might throw kids off, but it’s a solid game with goofy enough graphics that your kids will enjoy it anyway.

dance mat typing

Dance Mat Typing’s visuals cue your child on the correct finger positioning for each key.


Typing.com has lessons, tests, and games so your child can practice her keyboarding skills and have fun while doing it. This is a great site for kids who know the alphabet and are just starting typing. The lessons range from basics with two to three letters at a time to advanced practice on the number keypad and accuracy drills. The games are fun, too! Kids will love the awesome graphics on games like Keyboard Ninja and Type-a-Balloon.

Meteor Typing Blast

FreeTypingGame.net has a lot of fun games, but Meteor Typing Blast is particularly fun—it’s basically a game of Asteroids, but instead of manually blasting apart meteors heading toward your spaceship, you have to type letters or words to destroy them. The best thing about this game—other than the neat graphics—are that you can choose from a wide range of levels and skills. The game features beginner, intermediate, or advanced modes, and you can choose to isolate certain keys to practice (like the home row, for example). If your child masters this game, she can try harder levels of words, like German words or words from fairy tales.

meteor typing blast

Meteor Typing Blast is fun and educational!


Keybr is perfect practice for a kid who knows where his fingers should go but needs to practice. This site gives kids random words to type and tracks the number of errors and typing speed. The program readjusts after each lesson to meet your child’s learning needs. This site is perfect for kids who just need to practice and for kids who want to beat their fastest time.

As always, make sure you child is safe on the internet. Read our blog post “A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety for Kids” to learn more about internet safety.

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