Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Free Access to RightNow Media

free access to rightnow media

Hampton Lutheran has exciting news for all HLS families and alumni: We’re giving you free access to RightNow Media, the Netflix of Christian videos. It’s an online resource that gives you access to more than 20,000 of videos for families, parents, kids, pastors, and Christians. There’s all kind of videos: kids TV shows and movies (VeggieTales, anyone?), Bible studies, leadership videos, and resources on various aspects of Christian life. You can view these videos through your phone, tablet, computer, or TV.

Why HLS is Giving You Free Access to RightNow Media

We believe it’s vital for Christian families to have access to trusted, Christian media shows and resources instead of taking chances with whatever’s on Netflix or TV, which may not be appropriate or healthy for children to view. It’s difficult to properly vet all the TV shows and movies you let your children watch, but RightNow Media makes it easier to keep your kids safe on the internet while watching videos.

RightNow Media also provides you with a wide-range of Bible study videos that you can use by yourself, with your spouse, or with a Bible study group to delve into books of the Bible, specific struggles you have in your life, or a Christian perspective on a certain topic.

So now that you have access to RightNow Media, here are some ways you can make the most it:


RightNow Media has all the classic Christian TV shows, including VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguin, Adventures in Odyssey, and more. Instead of turning on a show on TV or Netflix that you haven’t really seen and don’t know if it’s appropriate for your kids, let them pick out an episode and relax. These shows are clean, Christian, and appropriate for your child.


RightNow Media isn’t just for your kids. It’s also a resource that you’ll want to turn on after the kids go to bed. It has videos on parenting, marriage, discipleship, and almost any life situation you might be going through. Although it’s no replacement for a pastor or an in-person Bible study group, RightNow’s online Bible study and conference videos are useful to you as a Christian parent. Whether it’s Kevin Leman’s Have a New Kid by Friday Bible study, a Dave Ramsey Bible study or conference video, a Les and Leslie Parrott video on marriage, or Tim Tebow’s Bible study Shaken, you’re sure to find a helpful video or series on RightNow Media.

Young adults

Hey HLS alumni, we’re looking at you! We’re giving you access to RightNow Media too because we know how hard it can be to find good Christian resources, especially when you’re strapped for cash and the options for Bible studies and Christian books are endless. We think you’ll find helpful videos on RightNow, from videos on dating and love from a Christian perspective to in-depth Bible studies to videos on defending your faith in the secular world to inspirational videos like Louie Giglio’s Power-ful. And if you don’t feel like Bible study videos, there’s always VeggieTales if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Sign up for free access to RightNow Media by responding to the invitation email. Let us know what videos you’re watching—share with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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