HLS Teachers Share Their Classroom Decorations

classroom decorations

Everyone is buzzing with excitement this time of year—students are eager to see their classmates, parents are ready for a little more time to themselves, and teachers are ready to teach their students. Whether it’s on open house night or on the first day of school, it’s exciting for you and your child to see how their classroom is decorated. And it’s not just exciting to see what posters are on the wall and if there’s a classroom pet; the way a classroom is decorated has a direct impact on how well children will learn in their new classrooms.

With that in mind, here’s how each HLS teacher decorated her classroom—and more importantly, why.

preschool classroom decoration

Mrs. Montoya’s Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom

Mrs. Montoya’s preschool and kindergarten classroom features different centers, such as a science center and a writing desk, and she uses posters and boards relating to the centers’ theme. The classroom features ABCs, colors, numbers, and a calendar. Mrs. Montoya will also post words that the class is learning on the wall so students will be able to use them in their writing.

She tends to go with a theme for decorating, but she also leaves several empty spaces on the walls to put up photos and artwork. The kids love seeing their work on the walls!

Mrs. Montoya’s decorations have changed a lot in the past couple of years as she moved from eighth grade to preschool and kindergarten.


Miss Pope’s First and Second Grade Classroom

Miss Pope’s first and second grade classroom is robot-themed because HLS is introducing robotics this year and she thought a robot theme would be cool. She likes to display educational posters and spiritual posters with Bible verses on them. Miss Pope hopes her students will be find the classroom fun and that they’ll be inspired to read more.


third and fourth grade classroom decorations

Mrs. Bankson’s Third and Fourth Grade Classroom

Mrs. Bankson likes to decorate her third and fourth grade classroom with items featuring useful information and positive messages, and she hangs them at the height her students can see it. This year, her classroom has a blackboard theme because she likes how it makes her room feel more welcoming.

Mrs. Bankson wants her students to be excited to come to school and look for what has changed on the walls. She likes to put up well-done student work (only if all students have something to put up) so that her students are proud to find their work on the wall.

Over the years, Mrs. Bankson’s style of decorating has changed. She used to have everything made by hand, but now she orders her decorations online.


Mrs. Carnoali’s Fifth and Sixth Grade Classroom

Mrs. Carnoali tries to create a hybrid between a professional classroom and a homey atmosphere. She likes clean lines, but her classroom walls don’t stay clean for long as she likes to display her students’ work on the walls. This gives the kids a sense of ownership of the classroom—and that’s important!

This year, Mrs. Carnoali’s classroom features lime green for fifth grade and blue for sixth grade. She has found over her years of teaching that designating colors to each class makes things visually easier in a combined classroom. And green and blue go with this year’s school theme, “It’s Still All About Jesus!” Her classroom also has a colored wall to excite the students and give them a visual stimulus.

Over the years, Mrs. Carnoali has found herself spending less time making homemade classroom decorations, as new technology like the smart board becomes a display in itself. She hangs science posters providing questioning strategies and uses a main bulletin board to draw attention to a Biblical theme or idea. Mrs. Carnoali also decorates with interesting knickknacks she has collected from students over the years.

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